Logging In / Out of Hunt Groups

Typically main line telephone numbers will connect to a hunt group, and ring to multiple phones.  If you need to force calls to route to the no answer/after hours destination, all phones in the hunt group must logout, instead of pressing the DND button.  Additionally, if you want to prevent calls from the hunt group from ringing to your phone, you must logout.  Here's how to do it:




To Login to a Hunt Group

  1. Dial *01
  2. Follow the prompts to login to your hunt group number. The system will ask for a Hunt Group number.  This is usually 1, unless your Business has multiple Hunt Groups, in which you should ask your administrator for the correct number.

To Logout, follow the same procedure on both IA phones

  1. Dial *01
  2. Follow the prompts to logout




  1. Login to Commportal via https://my.gazl.co using your credentials.  If you don't know your credentials, contact your administrator.
  2. Click on the Groups tab.
  3. Select the Hunt Group you want to login or logout out of.
  4. Click the logout/login link.  If your icon is red, you are logged out.  If it is green, you are logged in.
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