Auto-Configure a Cisco SPA504G from a home office

This is often required to auto-provision a phone for the first time. Follow these instructions if requested by a Gazelle team member.


Note: A Gazelle team member must inform you that your phone is authorized to provision.  Typically we'll allow it to provision for 24 hours, but we'll let you know how long you have.


Factory Reset the phone
1. Press the Setup button *icon of a folded piece of paper*
2. Press 12 for Factory Reset
3. Press Ok to proceed with the factory reset. The phone should reboot.

Get the IP Address of your phone

**Next I'll have you grab the IP address**
1. Press the Setup button *icon of a folded piece of paper*
2. Press 7 for Network
3. The very first item on the next list should be "Current IP". Write down this value and please reply to this e-mail with it.


Provision the Phone

You'll need to do this from your PCs internet browser (Chrome, Firefox, Safari, etc... will do).  This will only work if your PC is on the same network as the phone.  If you're working from a home office, this is going to be true 99% of the time.

1. In the URL bar of your browser, type in the following URL where IPADDRESS is the ip address:


So if your IP address was, then you would type/paste in:$MA.cfg


2. A web page should display indicating that your phone will automatically reset.


3. Wait up to 10 minutes for your phone to provision.  You will see messages on the screen about upgrading, etc...  The phone will reboot several times.  The phone is done provisioning, when you see your phone number or extension next to all four line, and all line lights are green.


If you run into any problems, please contact Gazelle via ticket or by phone at 416.549.5000


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