Reporting Call Quality Issues

Poor internet quality is the most likely cause of audio issues. It can also be caused by someone on the same internet connection is using up the bandwidth i.e. downloading or streaming. 


If you experienced a call quality issue please send the below information to, or open a ticket at


Please include calling (source) and called (destination) numbers, time (with time zone), date and results i.e. an echo, choppy, in which direction or on both. If you are changing your caller ID please include this with the calling number.



Test #:

Calling number:

Called number:

Time of call:



When did the issue first start?

Is the problem on incoming or outgoing calls or both?

Is the poor audio on all calls?

If intermittent. How often does it occur?

Does it happen at certain time of day?

Was anything changed before problems arose i.e. new router or assigned new IP from your internet provider?


Incomplete information can delay our troubleshooting efforts.

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