How do I Port Telephone Numbers to Gazelle?

1. Download, complete, and sign the attached LOA_Template.pdf form

2. Attach the completed form along with a copy of a recent invoice (within 1-2 months) from your current Telecom provider.  IMPORTANT: the invoice must show all telephone numbers that you wish to port in, your account number, and billing address.  Please provide a full copy of the invoice, all pages back and front must be included.


The Gazelle team will take care of the rest.



Standard Porting Intervals

Please note that these are typical, but not guaranteed turn-around times.  Porting may take less or more time than stated below, in some circumstances.  These estimates are provided for your planning purposes only.  The turn-around time assumes that the end-user has provided Gazelle with 100% accurate information.

Land-Line to Land-Line: 5-10 business days

Mobile to Land-Line: 7-15 business days


Time/Date of Port

Gazelle can request a specific port date on the end-user's behalf.  After-hours requests, or specific time-of-port requests will incur an additional charge.  Expedited requests will incur an additional charge.

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